Care and Maintenance

Caution: Ceramic containers can be fragile and break if not handled carefully! Gently place containers down and do not drag across the ground.

Glazed finishes: Surfaces may be cleaned with any window or glass cleaner. White vinegar can help remove suborn alkyl deposits that may develop from hard water.

Cold weather: Although ceramic containers are frost proof, they should never be subject to Snow & Ice weather conditions as water will expand when frozen. Best practice is to store ceramic containers indoors for the winter months.

Drainage: For indoor use, a moisture gauge should be used to keep roots from sitting in overly wet soil. For outdoor use, an optional drain hole may be drilled at the bottom of the container to maintain proper drainage (use a 1⁄2” ceramic drill bit). Vessel can also add a drain hole for a nominal fee.

Natural bisque finishes: Architectural Pottery bisque ware has a porous quality uniquely designed for healthy plant growth. The clay body allows plant roots to breathe through the container walls. The bisque ware will scuff and acquire a natural patina over time. We do not recommend bagged soil as the patina will be similar to a coffee stain. Patina seasoning will take approximately 10 individual watering’s.