Vessel USA Inc. was founded in 1998 to revive stunningly simple planters and other ceramic designs that brought acclaim to the Architectural Pottery Collection, a Los Angeles company founded in 1950 by Max and Rita Lawrence. Prominent mid-century LA architects such as Richard Neutura and Pierre Koenig favored the pottery line for spare, geometrically ordered residential gardens and commercial buildings. The Museum of Modern Art in New York exhibited pieces as early as 1951.

Knowing the inherent value of these historical award winning designs, owner Michael Stephenson painstakingly rescued the original company after years of research and development. "Geometric and organic shapes may look quite simple to produce although there is quite a lot of engineering behind the scenes to produce symmetrical forms. Molds can weigh hundreds of pounds and a single ceramic piece can take over a week to produce from start to finish. Proprietary techniques are used to execute the product".
Arranged in clusters or isolated, elevated by spindly stands or hugging the ground, these savvy planters appear in many of Julius Schulman's famed photographs of Southern California architecture.

From materials and specifications to glazes and firing techniques, each piece is hand crafted with passion and integrity.

Today, Vessel USA Inc. continues to produce Modern Planters & Containers, Ceramic Sculpture and Garden Accessories from its studio in San Diego, California. Many design aficionados embrace these classic icons as well as limited new additions.

The exclusive product line is most appreciated by top designers, landscape architects and garden enthusiasts world wide.

The Architectural Pottery Collection™ has evolved with two concepts. To manufacture high quality ceramics that would safeguard the health of growing plants and to produce these products in a range of related shapes complementary to today's architecture. Used as a single element or in a grouped composition, Architectural Pottery will show its timeless appeal and graceful simplicity.  

• Modern Planters
• Containers
• Sculpture
• Fire/Water Features
• Garden Accessories

Our ceramic ware products are skillfully produced with clay, water and fire. 100% earth-gendered recyclable. Plants love them too!

Our high quality fiberglass products are engineered to withstand freezing climate conditions. Colors may be ordered from our stock color chart or optional Pantone colors!

Architectural Pottery has been a luxury American Made product since 1950. Original designs are commissioned and produced from designer specifications.











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